2007. március 26., hétfő


This time in English.
Hey, hey hey, people from all around the world! Don't go away just because you don't understand the foreign language! This is Your turn! This is in ENGLISH!

As you can see, mostly I post concept cars and it's one of them. I made it for a competition on DesignerTechniques last summer and I got the glorious second prize!

It's name is Wildchat, because it's revolutionary in three ways:

In nature, because it's mesh and frontlamps forms the eyes of a tiger,

in communication, because sitting in this car you can chat with other drivers,

and in clothing, because you can dress up the car the way you like.
(full description on the images)

And there are some other images of the car, which are not so astonishing as the others. (The others are very astonishing)

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